Food & Drink


Pakatakan Farmers’ Market
A must for Saturday morning. Best example of what our part of the Catskills has to offer.

Home Goods of Margaretville
Higher-end, organic food. If you miss the farmers’ market.

Freshtown Marketplace (Margaretville)
Biggest grocery store in the area.

Great American Grocery Store (Prattsville)
Smaller than Freshtown but still has everything you need.

Tops Grocery Store (Stamford)
Further away but well-stocked if you’re in Stamford.

Sunoco Gas Station (Roxbury)
For when you run out of milk.


Watershed (Roxbury)
Local place run by a great couple. Good coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Has a small market.

Cafe Marguerite (Margaretville)
Great coffee and pastries.

Stamford Coffee (Stamford)
Well-rated and busy with picnic tables out front.


Mac-A-Doodles (Stamford)
Really good ice cream. Decent burgers. Busy into the evening.

Sundaes Restaurant and Tasty Freeze (Grand Gorge)
Really good burgers and fries. Good ice cream.

Bun & Cone (Margaretville)
Ice cream is good. Skip the food.


Russell’s General Store (Bovina)
Best egg sandwich you’ll have.

TP’s Cafe (Stamford)
Great pancakes, eggs, etc. Can get busy.

Chappies (Roxbury)
Local restaurant. Breakfast is better than other meals. Service can be slow.

Prattsville Diner (Prattsville)
Classic, no-frills, small-town diner.

Blue Bee Cafe (Delhi)
Further away, but tasty. Main St. Delhi is very pretty.


Standard & Decent

Pizza Plus (Grand Gorge)

Brothers Pizzeria (Arkville)


Mama Maria’s Ristorante & Pizzaria (Stamford)
A little too far to bring home but good to dine in. Great red sauce joint, as well.

Oakley’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Grill (Arkville)
Good pizza. Slow service.


We have a couple of pizza stones and a paddle. Grab dough and toppings at the grocery store. Pre-heat both ovens and stones to 500 degrees. Make the pizza on the paddle and slide it onto the stone. Cook for about 7 mins, then start checking until it’s done.


Crazy River Cafe & Deli (Margaretville)
Where all the local tradespeople go for lunch. Big, fresh sandwiches.

Picnic! (Margaretville)
Snacks for a midday wander.


It’s hard to hire and keep restaurant staff in the Catskills, so the experience can vary. But these are our favourites.

Kimchee Harvest Kitchen (Roxbury)
Local family farm. Runs family-style meals with communal tables. Highly recommend.

Catskill Momos (Delhi)
Amazing Tibetan dumplings prepared by a retired Culinary Institute of America professor. Our kids’ favourite.

Brushland Eating House (Bovina)
Brooklyn visits the Catskills. Reserve in advance.

The Bull & Garland (Hobart)
Classic British gastropub. We’ve had two amazing meals, one pretty good meal. Depends on if they have enough staff that night.

The Ark Bowl (Margaretville)
BBQ and throwback bowling. What could be better?

Trattoria Locale (Margaretville)
Very good Italian food in a cozy setting.

Binnekill Tavern (Margaretville)
Great gastropub anchoring Main Street.

The Fierce Grizzly (Roxbury)
A new, highly-rated place right in town.

The Old Mill (Roxbury)
Warm and relaxed with good food. A relatively new place slowly opening next to the famous Roxbury Motel. Our neighbour really likes it.


The Old Mill (Roxbury)
The restaurant has a cozy bar.

The Fierce Grizzly Wine Bar (Roxbury)
A comfortable lounge above the highly-rated restaurant.

Rockland Cider Works (Gilboa)
Tasy cider distillery and live events.

Union Grove Distillery (Arkville)
Offers tours, retail, and a place to relax and drink.

Wayside Cider (Andes)
A great cider distillery and bar.

Roxbury Wine & Spirits (Roxbury)
A great local liquor store.

Margaretville Liquor Store (Margaretville)
Run by our old neighbour.

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