Recreation & Shopping

In addition to Trip Advisor and Yelp, these sites offer guides to the area.

Great Western Catskills

Scenic Catskills

The small towns in the area offer charming Main Streets to wander, eat, and shop.

The largest town in Delaware County with a very pretty main street. Antique shops, local fashion, public parks, and cafes.

Very Brooklyn-esque. A little spread out. But good vintage stores, a cider bar, and other fun things.

Antique shops, coffee, tattoos, and a great artist-run center.

A little further away but a great town. It has two universities, which bring an energy to the place. The area around Main Street has a good bookstore, coffee shop, guitar store, lots of great places for lunch, antique malls, decent Thai and sushi, D&D and hobby stores, and a tattoo parlor.

Phoenicia is the Catskills you see featured on Instagram.


Catskill Outpost
Hipster camping store. Also attached to Stamford Coffee.

Roxbury General Store
Local store run by a retired couple.


Hobart Book Village
Small village completely devoted to used books. Eat at the Bull & Garland while you’re there.


CVS Pharmacy (Margaretville)

Walgreens Pharmacy (Stamford)


Dollar General (Grand Gorge)
Discount store for paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

Young’s Ace Hardware (Prattsville)
Also has pet food, as well as fishing and hunting supplies.

Big Box Store Chains (Oneonta)
Oneonta has all the usual box stores. Walmart, Lowe’s and Home Depot, Dick’s Sporting Goods, TSC, etc. There’s also a TSC in Stamford.


Schoharie Creek Swimming Hole
Cool off after the Pratt Rock trail. Our favourite, though watch the current when the water is high. Video of the walk from the parking lot.

Margaretville Swimming Hole
Local swimming hole with a rope swing. Easy to access. Park by the picnic pavillion behind the grocery store. Then head down the path marked by the big boulder. Video of walk from the parking lot.

Mine Kill State Park (Swimming Pool)

Catskill Recreation Center (Arkville)
A community center with a full pool, lessons, etc. Also has a gym.

This site has a complete map of swimming holes in New York State.


Catskill Recreation Center (Arkville)
Features a full gym. Or you can call us and we’ll give you a long list of back-breaking chores to do around our property. 😉

Scenic Catskills has great information on cycling routes.

Pepacton Reservoir (Road)
Very beautiful route circling the Pepacton Reservoir.

Catskills Scenic Trail (Easy Off-road)
An easy, 28 mile grass trail starting right near us at foot of Hardscrabble Road. Perfect for kids on mountain bikes. Also walkable.

Plattekill Mountain (Mountain)
Local ski hill offers mountain biking in the summer. Lessons, rentals, lift tickets, etc.


Shephard Hills Golf Club (Roxbury)
Old, historic course at the top of our local mountain.

Hanah Mountain Resort & Country Club (Margaretteville)
Good reviews for the golf course. Skip the food and accommodations.

Putt Putt Van Winkle (Bovina)
A hidden gem. Designed and managed with love.


Pepacton Reservoir
The source of NYC’s drinking water, the Pepacton is well-known for its world-class fishing.


Hunter Mountain Resort (Hunter)
The fanciest option.

Belleayre Mountain Ski Center (Pine Hill)
Best for families.

Plattekill Mountain (Roxbury)
Very close to us. Excellent lessons. Family-owned. Where the locals go.


John Burroughs Memorial Field (Our Road!)
The perfect after dinner stroll up our road. Takes you past his old cottage, Woodchuck Lodge. Ends at a bench with a great view. One mile each way.

Pratt Rock Trail (Prattsville)
Features great views, interesting history, and fun sculpture.

Kaaterskill Falls (Hunter)
It’s busy and popular for a reason. Really stunning. The more adventurous can hike up from the bottom. The less so can park at the top and wander down. There may also be a chance to swim.

Mine Kill Falls (Gilboa)
Relatively easy to walk and explore, though there are a number of stairs.

All Trails
The Catskills offers countless options for serious hikers. Browse, choose, and enjoy!

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